A photograph of five Primaris Intercessors, from the now out of print Dark Imperium, the 8th Edition Starter Box, painted in approximation of the 'Eavy Metal Studio style and sensibilities, in the colours of the Ultramarine’s 3rd Company, displayed on an Apocalypse 32mm Movement Tray.
Despite the best of intentions during the lifetime of 8th Edition 40K I only *finished* the half squad of Space Marines above. There were other projects but no other models got to this stage, despite some getting close. The marines are missing squad numbers and a final coat of varnish (which I’m unwilling to chance), but they have crossed the line of any reasonable definition of table ready, which has otherwise been so consistently a point of failure for me across my time in the hobby.

#New40K, for me, is a chance to refocus on the collecting and painting side hobby and to build something atop these meagre foundations, having not had a force that truly approaches being “completed” for 40K since back in 2nd edition and my first forays into the hobby, when the distraction and acquisition that would characterise later years were yet to surface.

The new edition is also a chance to take a steely eyed look at the hobby at a meta and personal level through the blog, and really dig down into certain aspects of it. 

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