Idle Speculation - Are Army Sets The Future?

Two and a half data points do not make a trend, but they do at least give a leading indication.

The Lumineth Realm-lord Box that was shown on Sunday and previewed earlier today looks like it'll be a great place to start for anyone looking to collect the army, given what's included within the box.

The Realm-lords box, including not only models, but dice,
cards, tokens and a special  edition 

The posts on Warhammer Community do say that this set has been put out because the Realm-lords are a new faction, and as such merit a special release. However, the box is strongly reminiscent of a major box released for Warhammer 40,000 last year...

The Limited Edition Sisters of Battle Army Set, from November 2019

The Sisters of Battle Army Set has nearly identical contents to the Realm-lords. Dice, cards, special edition book, minus one or two additions and refinements taking place in the Realm-lords set. Which is possibly the case purely because these are what should be included in a release to make it functional as a quasi-starter set. 

Games Workshop also seem to be going for a specific box art aesthetic to these sets as well (which has extended to the Indomitus Box, which is certainly cousin to the two army box sets). 

The Indomitus Box, showing a very similar design aesthetic to other
big, special edition releases.

As I said this isn't a lot to base things on, but it does seem like Games Workshop is introducing an extra tier to their bigger launches to make the most of the hype surrounding them. I hope we see the upcoming Indomitus and Realm-lord box releases accompanied or followed swiftly by the release of the products within on general sale, as otherwise the content to many of these sets will be destined not for the painting and gaming tables but for eBay. 

It'll be interesting to see how frequently we see this type of set; if this is just compression caused by the Corona virus shutting the company down for a number of months, or if they are indeed a trend and will be accompanying many new and refreshed ranges in the future. 

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