As I said in the previous post I have plans for the new edition of 40K and for this blog.

To get into specifics I intend, during this edition, and as the primary and exclusive project of this scope I’m undertaking at this time, to, bastardising Games Workshop’s phraseology, collect, build, paint, and (maybe even) play with an army of Primaris Ultramarines.


There are assumptions and qualifiers in that monstrous run-on sentence, evident and implied, that need drawing out and defining. I’m not doing what I said I’d set out to do and interrogate my decisions if I don’t pull this all apart a bit. The posts doing that will be interspersed throughout the blog, interleaved with actual progress on the army as I cover the theoreticals and practicals of the undertaking. All of which is to say there’s a 2,500 word draft about what makes an army waiting to be posted, and it’s got to go somewhere other than just rattling around in my brain and computer.

The site should in part act as a public facing journal of my hobby progress across the Ultramarine army project, with notes on conversions, paint schemes, etc, and the foreground thinking behind them (because sometime is can be summed up as “it looked cool”). Hopefully the growth of the army will make up the backbone of the blog, as models are added and the force expands.

The blog isn’t going to be monomaniacally focused on being an Ultramarine hobby diary though. The theoreticals should be generalist for one, and I do intend for them to be far from the only content. The hobby is, to greater and lesser degrees about art, and the conversation through that between Games Workshop and its audience, and the conversations we have amongst ourselves. INQ28 and the myriad of insanely talented creators working under that banner is probably the preeminent example of what I’m driving at here. I’m not blinded to the fact that Games Workshop is a corporate entity and that the hobby is derived from the manner in which it has developed and leveraged its IP over the years, but that their creation has taken on a life of its own in the heads of people who’ve come into contact with it, is absolutely deserving of acknowledgement.

While I’ve broken my addiction to rumour sites I do enjoy speculating on what will happen next in the hobby based upon the posts from the Warhammer Community. There will doubtless be some spurious forensics performed upon some of their output, trying to divine the future.

There’s also something to be said for the blog chronicling the hobby; both the internal experience and at a remove, which drifts perilously close to academia and journalism, and probably exposes some nuisance of the way my brain runs. (Sadly I suspect opportunities for gonzo journalism will be rare, but it’s a genre I’ll indulge given the opportunity. New Games Journalism* is probably the closest kith and kin to what I’m aiming for with some of this).

There’s some onus on the blog to try not to be monotheistic. Games Workshop maybe the church I worship at, but it does not exist in a vacuum in the hobby landscape, and utterly ignoring the other options in the field is a form of cultural myopia. I don’t want this to become a gateway into the sprawling hobby commitments and range of systems I’ve bought into previously, but I do want to keep an eye on what else is out there. If only to continually remeasure the assertion that Games Workshop is making the best miniatures in the world.

It’d also be nice to avoid being bowel strainingly pretentious,** although there’s a chance it’s already too late for that in this. It’s hard to take on such an internally self serious setting as 40K and the rest without a sense of humour and the absurd, this just isn’t the post where it’s going to show through.

* NGJ is a term originating from Kieron Gillen, who alongside his comics writing output, is also a hobbyist, as seen occasionally on Instagram and the Hipsterhammer tumblr. He’s written a Warhammer comic for Boom! Studios, and I strongly recommend taking a look at his comic Die for a journey into an RPG that strikes close to home (and is described by the author as “Goth Jumanji”). I mean check out his other stuff as well, but Die is the most strongly relevant.↩︎

** This isn’t a Medium post after all.↩︎

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