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The information below can be found in these posts on the Warhammer Community site. All I’ve done is pulled it out of images and into a table I can search at a later date. 

Battle Size  Power/ Pts   Command Pts   Time   Min. Battlefield Size 
 Combat Patrol  50 / 500 3 1 hour 44"x30"
Incursion 100 / 1000 6 2 hours 44"x60"
Strike Force 200 / 2000 12 3 hours 44"x60"
Onslaught 300 / 3000 18 4 hours 44"x90"

Aside from the fact that points costs will be increasing across the system to allow for smaller, faster games  with fewer models and finer granularity for the designers in assigning points the big thing I want to note here is change of board sizes.

Traditionally Games Workshop has used feet as it’s preferred unit of measurement for tables, with smaller boards for skirmish games generally being 4’x4’ (48”x48”) and larger games being 4’x6’(48”x72”). This trend was bucked fairly recently by Kill Team and the introduction of 22”x30” boards supplied either in the core box or available in additional releases. This size was something of a curio, being difficult to tessellate into the larger sizes cleanly. It would turn up again in Warcry, but hasn't been seen in a main system until now. 

With New40K these boards officially graduate to the big time, as the minimum board sizes are constructed out of two, four and six boards respectively.

I like it, as it makes the physical space required for a game slightly more manageable to find, especially at smaller sizes, and with the use of game boards gives a setting that's accessibly priced, easy to store and ties in with Games Workshops available terrain. Being smaller than the previous sizes does nothing to invalidate boards and tables created by hobbyists previously, although it does raise the question of the future of the realm of battle boards, and if Armies on Parade will make the switch to these dimensions. I can't see any reason why AoS wouldn't also be adopting this battlefield size down the line. 

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