State of the Collection 2020-06-06

My initial conception for this post was to run down the Primaris range as presented on the GW site and just tick off what I have. This was swiftly followed by the thought that not only will it date alarmingly fast as a snapshot of products, but especially so being so close to the release of a new edition. That said I still think it’s useful for me to have a record of where my collection stand before things kick off in earnest with the launch of New40K.

I’ve spilt the below into starter box sets and individual boxes for my own clarity and ease of reference in the future; the box set models being all push fit single pose figures, and also ill conforming to the breakdown of the individual boxes, being of odd squad sizes or possessing unique models. It also serves to highlight a few holes appearing in the range, as the Dark Imperium sprues (and the derived box sets) were the only way to get hold of the Gravis Captain and Primaris Ancient. Shadowspear has also been split off for the same reason, as we have yet to see Suppressors released as a stand alone box.

Boxes below that can be used to construct multiple different models have been listed as one entry. Something only of issue at this point with the Infiltrators/Incursors, which is surprising given how frequently it occurs for other factions.

For the sake of keeping the list short and remaining chapter agnostic any faction specific model has been excluded, unless I own them, and Easy-Build boxes have been left off as being duplicates in the case of Primaris (something that again isn’t true across other factions).

I’ve included the few limited release Primaris Lieutenants etc I own out of completeness.

I’m mildly surprised about how few entries there are compared to my expectation and impression of the broadness of the realm.

At some point this sort of post will transition to being "State of the Army', but I'm hardly there yet.  In the meantime here begins the list of shame and unpainted plastic. 

At least I’m in good company.




Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Dedicated Transport

Box Sets

  • Dark Imperium [X]
    • Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour
    • 2 Primaris Lieutenants
    • 1 Primaris Ancient with Banner
    • 2x 5-man Primaris Intercessor Squads
    • 1x 3-man Primaris Interceptor Squad
    • 1x 5-man Primaris Hellblaster Squad
  • Know No Fear [X]
    • Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour
    • 1x 5-man Primaris Intercessor Squads
    • 1x 3-man Primaris Interceptor Squad
    • 1x 5-man Primaris Hellblaster Squad
  • Shadowspear (Which is no longer available as a box, the content now found, minus the Phobos armoured Captain and Librarian in the Start Collecting! Vanguard Set) [X]
    • 1x Lieutenant in Phobos Armour
    • 1x 3-man Suppressor Squad
    • 1x 3-man Eliminator Squad
    • 1x 10-man Infiltrator Squad

Limited Releases

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