The blog was in part conceived to interrogate something I’ve loved for many different reasons for a long time; to think more deeply and with more focus about the hobby - because why not experience a thing by digging through its flesh and entrails and putting your fingerprints on its bones? It’s had its hand around my heart for a long time; now I get to return the favour, and poke around in some grim dark corners  of it and myself across the many facets of the hobby.

About the Blog

This blog is written for the most part in Markdown, using the excellent Drafts app, and reaches Blogger by means convoluted and various. It owes not just its principal syntax to John Gruber, but also at least part of its style, as the blog is heavily influenced by his site Daring Fireball, both in a minimalist design sensibility, (at least such as I can twist Blogger into), and the way in which certain things are posted and presented.

The long form pieces take their heavy use of links from the MacOS reviews of John Siracusa and on occasion that I’m feeling like complaining of something I hope to draw some spirit of ire from the Hypercritical Podcast.

Speaking of style I hope any reviews reflect an appreciation of the work of Jay Rayner.

The use of verbose image captions is strongly influenced by the Technoccult News.

The works of Terry Pratchett are almost entirely to blame for my love of footnotes.*

Merlin Mann’s podcast creation philosophy is the reason the blog launched with posts already present, hopefully to its benefit.

Music to paint and write to is myriad and various, but do your ears a favour and go listen to Black Moth and Year of the Cobra. Bolt Thrower is the quintessential Warhammer soundtrack. 

* Often used purely to make a pune or play on words, or a reference.↩︎

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