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Idle Speculation - Are Army Sets The Future?

Two and a half data points do not make a trend, but they do at least give a leading indication.

The Lumineth Realm-lord Box that was shown on Sunday and previewed earlier today looks like it'll be a great place to start for anyone looking to collect the army, given what's included within the box.

The Realm-lords box, including not only models, but dice,
cards, tokens and a special  edition 

The posts on Warhammer Community do say that this set has been put out because the Realm-lords are a new faction, and as such merit a special release. However, the box is strongly reminiscent of a major box released for Warhammer 40,000 last year...

The Limited Edition Sisters of Battle Army Set, from November 2019

The Sisters of Battle Army Set has nearly identical contents to the Realm-lords. Dice, cards, special edition book, minus one or two additions and refinements taking place in the Realm-lords set. Which is possibly the case purely because these are what should be included in a release to make it functional as a quasi-starter set. 

Games Workshop also seem to be going for a specific box art aesthetic to these sets as well (which has extended to the Indomitus Box, which is certainly cousin to the two army box sets). 

The Indomitus Box, showing a very similar design aesthetic to other
big, special edition releases.

As I said this isn't a lot to base things on, but it does seem like Games Workshop is introducing an extra tier to their bigger launches to make the most of the hype surrounding them. I hope we see the upcoming Indomitus and Realm-lord box releases accompanied or followed swiftly by the release of the products within on general sale, as otherwise the content to many of these sets will be destined not for the painting and gaming tables but for eBay. 

It'll be interesting to see how frequently we see this type of set; if this is just compression caused by the Corona virus shutting the company down for a number of months, or if they are indeed a trend and will be accompanying many new and refreshed ranges in the future. 

New40K - The Box and Beyond - Speculation

Before we see what’s in the New40K box, I thought I’d indulge some rampant and mostly baseless speculation.

What’s In The Box?

As is Games Workshop’s way I imagine the models we’ve seen in the previews so far will all be included in the new box.

I think the most overwhelming set of clues is in the trailer, which is surely built around the content of the box.

Will There Be Sisters?

If you take the trailer as a template the contents of the box potentially includes Sisters of Battle, as they feature prominently within it.

The inclusion of a third faction within a starter box would be a considerable change of a tried and tested formula. Seeing Adepta Sororitas in the box, while cool, therefore seems an unlikelihood. If we do see them in the box I imagine it’ll only be a single 10 person squad and a character.

No Sisters? What Then?

To dispense with the obvious it’s going to be Primaris and Necrons. The previous starter box, Dark Imperium, came with 53 models (22 Primaris and 31 Death Guard), and the full rulebook. All for £95, sneaking in under the psychologically important £100 mark.


The Primaris fraction of the previous box pulled off the impressive trick of hitting all the slots of a Force Organisation Chart. It’d be a neat trick if they were to do it again.

  • Captain? - It seems unlikely we would see the Lieutenant as the highest level character in the box, but more unlikely that the Lieutenant would be taking all the limelight were they not the main character of the box. Leaving out a Captain for a future release does cement the Lieutenant in the background as a safe pair of hands to command a Demi-Company. Then again the Captain does feature strongly in the trailer. I’m 50/50 here. 
  • Lieutenant - Has to be included. Maybe two, as the previewed model is considerably different from the main art in equipped weaponry and pose. 
  • Judiciar - 50/50 on this. It’d be surprising not to see at least one extra Primaris character in the box.  
  • Bladeguard Veteran - The Primaris side do need something to go up against the Skorpekh Destroyers. 3-5 of these guys. 
  • Assault Intercessor - Following the model of Dark Imperium 2 squads of 5.
  • 3 Bikes - It’s been done before in the Dark Vengeance set, with the Ravenguard.
  • Something for Heavy Support, to round out the selection, and put some proper ranged firepower in the Primaris side. The other choices make for a force that’s very short range / close combat heavy. 


My choices here fall a bit flatter than the Primaris side.

  • Skorpekh Lord
  • Minor character - Again it seems unlikely there’d be just the big guy. 
  • 3 Skorpekh Destroyers - I can’t see there being 2 units of six.
  • 20 Warriors - Either with some models armed with special weapons, or with two different weapon options.
  • Scarabs - Hopefully models that are smaller and denser on the base than previously.
  • Something chunky, unless that visual slot has been filled by the Skorpekh Lord. The above does feel like it’s missing something and it feels unlikely we’ve seen pretty much the whole force already in previews. 

But What Else?

I think we’ll certainly see the inclusion of the full rulebook again, and the mini-codecies for each fraction.

They’ll be the tools for playing the game, hopefully including nice dice.

There could well be a game board in the set, for a 44"x30" battlefield, either as two 22”x30” boards or as one large one, and I’d love to see some terrain, but I suspect that’s a stretch.

But At What Cost?

I’d like to hope for the sake of my wallet it’ll come in either in or on the £100 mark, but the trend for battle boxes to come in at £110 has me nervous, but for all the similarities they serve a slightly different function to a true Core Box.

When Will We See It?

I’d put a fair bet on the release date being the 27th. Going to the 4th seems both a sever stretching of the publicity window, and conflicts with Independence Day in the US, which is surely some level of consideration.

Beyond The Box?

The new box is only part of a new release. So what else will we see? Obviously there’s Avenging Son, but that won’t be all.

Releases in recent years have been accompanied by a set of relevant tokens/dice sets, and I think in this case it’ll also be alongside a combined terrain and game board box in the style we’ve seen in Kill Team/Warcry. I doubt we’ll see the objective box redone.

Is That All?

It’d be nice to see the Action Figures released to coincide with the box, but I suspect that’s beyond Games Workshop’s control.

I guess we’ll see the strength of my farseeing come the 13th, and I’ll score myself then, and see if my other guesses need refactoring.